When people say…

– six, they really mean sixteen (in relation with people)
– nine, they really mean ten (in relation with the time of arrival)
– a couple, they mean two (surprised! in relation with additional laptops)

Things to be learned from this workshop:

– there will always be the most important thing that won`t work (according to THEM of course)
– cables are NEVER long enough
– or the amout of them for that matter, cause there`s always plenty of cables around right up to the point when you actually NEED THEM…then, they`re all gone.
– it`s really amazing how everything works right up to the moment when people walk in
– DHCP does not work if the computer is not ours
– there is no food
– what`s an extension cord?
– root password is so secret not even the administrator knows it

[that`s all for now…the workshop lasts for three days. Be prepared for more].