Catchy title, is not it? Sounds like a novel or something. Thank god, it is just my post. I made myself a cup of tea and right now my humble self is waiting for the five minutes period to pass so I can start drinking it. Burning my tongue more likely. I think of it as a ritual…the tea drinking. Usually if I am in a hurry, the tea sucks. It cools too slow and then I get nervous and the tea does not taste the same…all in all…a waste of a tea-bag. But now…it is perfect. Not even the fact that I am using someones elses machine and cannot find the apostrophe can stop me from writing this. I will just have to use the long phrases.

Staring out the window, listening to the traffic roll by. There is this balcony where a shirt has been hanging on since Monday. Wonder what is its story. Did someone forget? Do they deliberately dry their laundry for a week? In this frigging cold? One can only wonder…

I did not post anything since yesterday, due to the fact that this workshop is draining me slowly. Although today we did agree that it will start at ten which means I slept till eight. Whoo-hoo. A luxury. Combined with a bath I took before I turned in, it almost amounts to heaven. Life has its little moments I guess.

Temperatures continue to drop, we had ice on the pavement this morning. I did some acrobatics on my way to work. My back hurts.

The poll will end today at nine pm (let us all hope I will be home by then) so vote your ass off now.

I am also planning a trip to the BTC (for non-slovene goto “the shops”) and spend some money there. Probably on the third season of CSI. I guess. I do not know. I probably will not go (ah, the dialogues of the mind).

I swear those pigeons are looking at me. I will take a photo and you will get the point, but let me just say that my view consists of another apartment building and up on the roof, there is a whole line of pigeons, facing my way. They are watching. Bastards.

The xmas card hitlist is almost full, I think the offer will expire tonight at nine p.m. as well, since I am planning on sending them next week. Always hard to hit the “right” date. Not to early but then again not too late. Would not want my cards to get there next year.

Another surprising fact…it is friday and I know it. And nobody reminded me of that wonderful fact…not this time…so it came all by itself. Yey. Maybe I am normal after all.

Tea is gone, have to wash the cup and toss the bag into the bin. And it is almost three. Yey.