Sometimes things happen too fast for the mind to comprehend them in real time. You have to look at the tape at slow motion to see it. To see the crossing.

I realised today that not everything is about “motivating” people. That sometimes I can be insensitive and as much as my emphaty dominates my life, sometimes it gets things the wrong way. Thank god for people to remind me of that.

The xmas card offer is expired and the cards are already written and waiting for delivery. I think I`ll send the Dutch/austrian batch on Monday and the others on Wednesday. So that everybody will get it around christmas or a day later.

Those scripts for the television were no good so I am making a new batch. Hope this one works.
I have to go to work tomorrow, final day of the workshop and I hope they wrap up things fast. I don`t wanna be stuck there for the whole saturday.

New poll is up, the old one ended in a tie so… I am confused about what to do. I cannot post the movies cause 6 people said they did not want that…and I cannot not post the movies cause 6 people said they would like to see the list. So, I am making a compromise and I will post half of the list.

(Half of) The list of the movies that make me cry:

  1. Shiri
  2. Thin red line
  3. Gladiator
  4. Brave heart

That`s half of the list. Hope nobody is happy.
New poll is up, vote your ass off. I will probably change it next year. Or next week. Whatever comes first.

Hope you sleep well. I know I will.