Since my jet lag is wearing off and I am perfectly aware of the fact that today is Monday, the main push in the right direction was going to work and actually do some work. We sent off the rest of the bills, I sent the package to Netherlands and a card to Austria (let`s hope everything reaches their destination…especially the Netherlands part…customs and shit). What else…I just came home, tired, but the day was good. It felt good. Cleaned the place in the morning, wrote my job-blog, posted the link to the animation they did on the workshop, took some calls, packed the mail and shipped it, got some food, went out and bought this, this, this, this and this. I guess you could say it`s a movie kinda day 😉

It was my last trip to the stores this year, the hordes are already gathering and attacking. It`s horrible. Felt like a SWAT charging a building. Get in, do the job, get out. And I did it. In under ten minutes. And it was still nine minutes too long. The thing that ticks me off most is people and elevators. I mean…what the fuck is with them, anyway? Elevators are meant to quicken the movement of the shoppers. But no…people think they are there for amusement. you know…you call an elevator…and then…when it gets to your floor, you just…wait and smile like a dumb ass at people, already in the elevator. And it`s fun too! God. There ought to be a pistol above every elevator doors and if somebody would press a button and then not get into the elevator…head shot.

Another thing is this sheep attitutde that everybody seems to adopt the second they walk into a store. I don`t know if it`s the heated, smelly air of the place, the crowds itself or something “magical”, but I am convinced that your IQ drops for at least three to five points when you walk in. It`s inevitable. And I guess if you stay inside long enough…you begin to drool and are unable to control your vital body signs. Luckily I got out of there so fast. I do feel a slight pain in my thigh though. Hope it`ll go away.

And what`s with the talking cashier? Ever get that? The guy at the counter just would not shut up? Like you bought all that shit JUST so you can talk to him? Like you know…”oh, I just gotta talk to him but it`ll look weird…i know! I`ll buy something and then enjoy the classy conversation with him…and the best part is..everybody will think I am just doing it cause I am being polite. I cannot lose! Whooo-hoooo!!“. Sigh. Maybe the guy really wanted to be a DJ but they did not admit him cause he was too short. Or too blonde. Or just too fucking stupid. I just don`t get them. They are doing something they are not suppose to be doing. Imagine a cop striking a conversation with you before giving you a ticket. Or the post-office clerk, talking about the good ole times before accepting your package. Or the butcher, explaining how today he was late for work cause his in-grown nail was killing him. Or a bus driver explaining to you how he really wanted to be an actor. I am sorry guys, I know you are trying to be nice and friendly, but some things YOU JUST DON`T DO.

Post office was fun too. I always…always…get in line behind somebody who just remembered he has to pay tons of bills. And heavens forbid he should set it up with his bank so that the bills that come every month and are usually standard size….noo…he has to do it manually. Sheesh. I know, maybe he just got the paycheck or he hasn`t got a steady income…I know all this. But I just…manic monday, remember?

Update on my leg pain…it`s gone. Like…completely. Don`t ask me how I got rid of it cause I don`t know how I got it in the first place, remember? Let`s just all be thankful that it`s gone and I don`t have to stop and squat every five minutes of walking. You can only tie your shoe X-many times. After that, you look like a fucking idiot.

Still did not finish the scripts for the TV. I feel bad. I should`ve done it on sunday but I was just too tired and I thought about doing them today but there was too much other work. Tomorrow…first thing in the morning. Mental note! Do the scripts! (let`s just hope I read this blog tomorrow morning).

All in all, a fabolous day. Here`s to many more like this one.