Yes, I guess I finally gave in. To the blogging experience I mean. I`ve been a guest writer on this blog, but I guess there comes a time when a man moves on. This blog will be slightly different from “Počasni začetki“, since the first obvious difference is the language. This is english (people in the back going: “No sheeit!”). Since this blog is mine! all mine!, I don`t have to listen to anybody telling me how and what to write. Mwahahahahaha. Ahem. Keeping it real.

The title of this blog can be explained in many ways. There are many words that start on L. Love, Ljubljana, Lesbia…naah…won`t go there, Life, Light…and I guess I`ll write about every one of them.

I hope you`ll enjoy reading it as much as I`ll enjoy writing in. And I promise…updated daily. Maybe even more than once a day.

See you around.