The bank of Ljubljanica
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While we wait (what`s with the we? It`s you and no one else!!) here for the meeting to start and for the second lecture to rip so we (again!!!) can upload it and be done with it, let me just drop a few lines. I guess I`ll relate to my post on “Pocasni zacetki” which talks about focusing and feelings and the reason. And how those two things cannot be treated as one but must be divided and maybe even supressed from time to time. Sometimes, it is better to shut down your feelings, to just “do the job” and let it go, and sometimes, it`s better to forget about reason, to follow your heart and deal with things that come your way on an instinct rather than evaluating them with the cool blade of reason. Some things do not belong to reason. And some things should never ever be touched by the soft and warm palm of feelings. The problem is…how do we know that? How do we know when to scream “Onwards! To glory!” and just run through life like hot knife through butter and when do we whisper “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!”.
I guess my answer is as good as any. The problem is, how do we deal with things that come our way, do we treat them each in the individual fasion, or do we just apply the pattern that worked best in the past and just run with it? Do we try to reason with every single thing? Do we just take it as it is? Do we try to change it? I guess my answer is as good as any.

Riverbank of Ljubljanica. Looks nice. Maybe a little too much branches, but what the hell. Think I`ll go home. Those lectures are done. Week end.