Shadow on the sun
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My last post before I go get some food and then go out with my blog mistress. Hihi. Just coffee. She scares me;)

I added another blog to my blogroll. Never met the person who writes it and I don`t think I ever will. Guess I want to help her. Seeing from her posts how unhappy she feels at the moment. Doing good is what life is all about, right?
I think I am done with signing my blog into different databases. At least for now. If anyone finds any database worth signing your blog in, let me know. Still have to add photoblogs and maybe a few of my top visited sites. Maybe I am pushing it too far but I am making a personal site out of this blog. I think I`ll redirect to this soon.

I followed Michael advice and the “jokes” are done. Technically I still have to translate them and shorten them a little, turning them into TV material but the big thing is over. Once you have the material, editing is easy.

Listening to this right now. I loved the movie and the songs are just beautiful. It feels good to switch from main stream and into…well…I guess you could call it etno.

I like it.