Train station
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Good morning and whoo-hoo to all of you out there! *me does a plane thing*
First snail mail exchange went without a glitch…so now we can rest asure that others will follow in the same manner. Snail mail in the 21st century. How romantic.

I did those back exercises in the morning and they help. A little. We cannot expect a miracle after a few sit-ups, can we? But I am still amazed by the fact that I actually went and did it. Putting some rammstein on to keep the room alive and just…I am proud of myself. And it does not take all that long. All the work-outs in under ten minutes. Should be able to do it every day before I go to work and maybe one more time before I go to bed. Thinking of buying one of those back-belts that keep it warm.

Plans for today are sketchy. Seeing how the weather is turning crap again I`ll probably stay home. I already mopped the floor and cleaned my room. Surprisingly, the spiders did not revolt. Maybe I caught them off-guard.

I guess I`ll just stay at home, bug everybody and catch up on my reading. Problem is I always read two or three books at a time and sometimes I tend to mix the characters. And all of the sudden, Rincewind from Discworld ends up in Shire where he buddies up with Tyler Durden and they all go to the restaurant at the end of the universe. Can you guess which four books I was reading when that happened?

The photo is one of the Ljubljana train station. It`s a bit blurry, I took it a couple of days ago when I was not used to the camera. I`ll take some more in the future. And something funny happened when I was there. I was walking on the platform, minding my own business when a guy stopped me and asked me for money.

I did not like him so I just kept on walking. He ran after me and turned me around and asked me “Why are you running?”. And I answered in english, saying “What? English please!”. And he just looked at me for a second…and walked away. And then turned around again and asked me if I can spare some change in english. So I did. At least, he put some effort into it by speaking english. We all have to work for our money.

Enjoy the weekend.