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Kunta kinte got food! I went for pizza today, did not feel like walking all the way to the burger shop, although I think the burger would take less time to make. What the hell, we`re going for diversity today! 😉

Anyway, the place was packed as usual, rush hour around four when people get off work, students finish their classes for the day and they all pour into “food places”, too tired or lazy to go home and cook for themselves.

Personal observation and please don`t take this the wrong way, but can someone explain to me why the fuck are the people from Maribor always the loudest people of the crowd? I mean, you can spot them a mile away just cause you can HEAR them talk. So I listened to some Maribor talk which is totally different from Ljubljana talk. A whole new dialect. Still slovene and yet…not. Officially, the base for slovene language was the dialect of Dolenjska. But still, maribor people are always the loudest. A friend of mine has a biological theory and he says that they always talk so loud cause they feel threatened by the people of Ljubljana and they make up the size of the group with the loudness. I guess you could say they are like Mexicans. Haha.

Right now I am listening to a workshop dedicated to streaming sound and video over the internet. Waiting for a movie to download so I can burn them all on a DVD. I think I`ll leave before the movie downloads cause it says that the ETA is four hours. I hope the server does not freeze up over the night like it happened today.

And speaking of colors, I found this site through his blog. Since I am bored, I shall entertain myself by retyping the whole thing it says about me into here…cause I do not know how to copy-paste a flash file. So…here it goes…

Lilac snow


You have a gift for story-telling and an appreciation for beauty. The performing arts can be a great vehicle for your many talents. You would do well in front of an audience especially if the words resonate within your heart. You have a strong magnetism that makes you attractive to others. It is important to surround yourself with people and object that promote harmony. Your personal color enhances your imagination. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Lilac Snow helps you set limits and boundaries while reminding you not to get caught up in too many of life`s dramas.

You be the judge.

and since we are pasting links, check this santa claus application form (PDF file), found through her blog. I think I`ll print it and mail it. Hope something good comes out of it.

Hm, more food = longer post. Nice.

Speaking of colors, I like this alley. They are repainting the houses as you can see the ones on the far end still wearing those decaying “old building” style colors while the closer ones are shinning. Nice shot, Martin. And now I`ll go fill out that Santa Claus form.