I am just reading an article about road maintenance guys making excuses cause they did not predict this weather and the icy roads and stuff. Ahem. Yes. A very common thing in our part of the world is that in december, a week away from new year, is that there is no cold or frost. Nope. We are a frigging Aruba when it comes to cold and ice in winter. We don`t do that. No sir. Ours is a happy shiny place where no ice is present. None whatsoever. Ice? Huh? What is that? Oh? The temperature dropped below THE FREEZING POINT? Nope…sorry…does not ring a bell. Hey Joe! What`s this freezing point they all been talking about for the last COUPLE OF WEEKS? I don`t know George…must be something they picked off the TV. Crazy hippies!

Another rant…(one of) the biggest newspaper(s) in the country, DELO, published a book from Jane Austen called Pride and Prejudice and labeled it as an erotic novel. Ahum? Erotic? Let me check the definition of that word…

Definition: [adj] giving sexual pleasure; sexually arousing

Right. And Jane Austen comes in….where exactly? Here, I checked this online version but I seem to miss the erotic parts. It does say however that the book is about …

Pride and Prejudice is the story of Mr and Mrs Bennet (minor gentry), their five daughters, and the various romantic adventures at their Hertfordshire residence of Longbourn. The parents’ characters are greatly contrasted: Mr Bennet being a wise and witty gentleman; while Mrs Bennet is permanently distracted by the issue of marrying off her daughters at any cost. The reason for Mrs Bennet’s obsession is that their estate will pass by law after Mr Bennet’s death to his closest blood relative: his cousin, the Reverend William Collins (a fatuous, tactless and pompous man). Austen’s tale is spurred on by the arrival of the young and wealthy bachelor Charles Bingley and his friend Fitzwilliam Darcy. It is the story of the various affections, affectations and engagement shenanigans that develop due to Mrs Bennet’s relentless matchmaking and the dashing Darcy’s tempestuous relationship with Elizabeth Bennet who Jane Austen claimed was favourite amongst her literary offspring. Its 1797 earlier version was turned down for publication and it appeared in this form in 1813.”

[austrian accent] O ja baby! [/austrian accent]

I guess we are really so fucked up that the slight mention of the words “relationships, matchmaking” is giving us sexual pleasure. God help us if we would ever read something off of this list. I guess we play it safe. Labeling Jane Austen as an erotic writer really helps our perception. No wonder more than 75% of our words, meaning sexual interrcourse comes from farming. O yeah…we plow, dig, burry, seed…all that stuff. I guess this is what we know best. Even our names for the sexual organs derive from farming tools. Yeah babe…lemme stick my poker in you.

These guys are not done yet. Sigh. They`re suppose to make a presentation at eight. Hah. We`ll see how long does it take. Saturday at it`s best. Yey.