I just re-read my last post and noticed I had my morning rant at 2 pm. Nice. Time really is relative. Especially if you are baby-sitting on a couple of artists who did not bring their gear and they want all sorts of things from you. Things you have no idea where or how to get. And nobody mention anything when we were planning this. It`s so funny, the way they said six people and we`ll take care of everything else. Yeah. Right.

Things we did no agree upon include:

– Adobe After effects
– Adobe Premiere
– A night lamp (don`t ask)
– More disk space (default is 60 GB but they are not sure if it will be enough)
– More people (think two-digit numbers)
– …

I guess we are flexible. And we are definitely not getting paid enough to do this. No photos yet, I hope the guy who took them did not run off with his camera. If not for anything else, we “need” them for our archive. Also a mental note to myself – reinstall six machines. Way too much crap.

Right now, my mind is focused on one thing…a hot long bath. And my bed. And Deborah (but that goes without saying). And it seems that my mind is focused on more than one thing. Unless I combine those three things together….mmmm…

Anyway, enjoy saturday. That`s what it`s for.