A letter box
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Sigh. I knew this is going to happen. Just when I get my own camera and I am all hyped about it, it starts to rain. It was fine three days ago but now, check this out.

I already cleaned the bathroom, the stairs and the cabinet, something I only do when I am extra extra bored. Some friends are coming over, I packed some gifts, and now I am again returning to my bored state. I caught up with my reading, “Life of Pi” in particular (great book) and I even(!!) studied for my exam. And now, I really don`t know what else to do. I was thinking of going out, taking a photo of our flag or smth, but if this crappy weather continues I might as well take a bath or go read some more. This is moving dangerously close to one of those “boredom sundays”.

So, to prevent this from happening, I present to you…the 404 site found through his blog. Mostly geek stuff. But who am I to judge? 😉

I got this letter box for christmas too, and it could not come any more in handy. Now I can store all the mail in once place instead of keeping all the letters in my drawer next to the bed. I guess you can always do it with more style.

What else? Well, it`s been six months since the last overhaul of this computer so I think I`ll start getting ready for a reinstall and all the other stuff that goes with it. Don`t know if I am going to do it this year or the next (hehe, the sound of it), but it`s getting on my nerves. The little things really. We`ll see how it goes.

Maybe I`ll finish watching “Thelma and Louise”. I cannot remember why I stopped in the middle of it (and no, it was not cause it`s boring!). Have to finish what I started…hehe.

We (you and me) also broke the 1,000 visits mark. I know not everybody came here to read or see my photos, but still…thank you.