Aerial photography
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It`s always fun to eat out. Especially if you eat in a place, which is designated for eating. Eating on a bus stop does not qualify as eating in a place which is primarily esablished for the hungry ones. Anyway, while you are eating and trying to chew your food slowly, taking all the goodness in, you hear things. For example, you hear the stupid DJ on the radio stuttering, you hear the music, you hear the noise from the kitchen, the noise of the street, dulled by the windows, you hear the waiter taking orders and…you hear people talk. And I don`t know if you have the same thing, but usually, all I hear in these kinds of places, is crap. Like, you walk in and you simply KNOW that for the next twenty minutes (or the duration of your lunch) you will hear the most ridiculous things and things that will make your brain start doing summersaults. It`s unavoidable. Call it a fact of life.

So, I sit down, order my usual (the waiter knows me) and I wait, casually observing the place, checking my phone to see if someone will call (another fact of life – you ALWAYS get paged on your break). The music is the usual crap, DJ is stuttering and then, two ladies walk in. I`m calling them ladies cause they were wearing normal clothes instead of the usual “Look at me! I am 13 and I dress like a total jerk!” ones. They sat down, talking. And boy, did they talk.

The topic was reality shows. And not just any reality shows…but OUR reality show. Yes, even Slovenija realised after three years since reality shows have been broadcasted all around the world that we should have our own. So we did. Meet “Sanjski moski”(Dream guy). Well, I don`t know for you, but I feel sorry for Damir. And for the girls. Anyway, the topic was that the reality show was boring and that nothing interesting was happening. I almost choked. I almost turned around and said “Why the fuck do you think they are calling it a reality show?” but instead I took a sip of coke. And my mind kicked into higher gear.

People are taking this TV business way too seriously OR they do not know shit. I vote for option n.2. I like that. It shows that the world is fine in general, but you got some assholes to…level it out a little. Back to our ladies. I just don`t understand, what people were expecting from this show. Endless sex marathons? Jerry Springer? It`s a friggin reality show…things are REAL. You don`t have sex for ten hours in reality. You`re lucky if it lasts thirty minutes. You don`t kill a person cause she took over your boyfriend…you cry and deal with it. It`s like people thought that the name “reality show” is just a catchy phrase. And that in “reality”, they will duke it out. It`s like the time we went to see “Mission:Impossible 2” and there was this guy who kept mumbling “Hah! They cannot do that!”. Ahum…mission IMPOSSIBLE?!?!!!! What else did you think they`ll do? Sit around, discussing the weather???

I finished my food, paid and left, hearing their voices discussing how they did not show anything out of the ordinary. I banged my head on the door when I heard that. “Out of the ordinary”??? Monster cocks? Flesh-eating pussies? Necrophilia? That sort of thing? I mean…they are ordinary people. It`s reality! Sheesh. –end of ranting for today.

This is what the city looks from “above”. I have to take some time and get really high (ahem). And then do some proper aerial photography. I was thinking of going to the castle and get on the top of the tower. Have to check their timetable. I guess this one is for informing you that Ljubljana has tall buildings. Cause so far, all you saw were these romantic photos, full of lil things and houses. So this is like an “industrial thing”. The trick of Ljubljana is that the strict center is old and cute and small and the big buildings are built around it. Kind of separated from the “old town”. “Slon” means “Elephant”.

I tweaked my blog some more. It`s my thing. I keep adding something. It`s like shopping for presents. If I start too early then by the time I deliver the present, it turns into this huge thing cause I keep adding little things to it. And I fear that this will be the case with my blog too. First we take Manhattan…

Anyway, I added my blog to another blog ring, added another photoblog (japanese guy, I love his work). I also added a poll (much good it will do me), and so I ask of you to be so kind and to vote. I know it requires a terrible amount of time and energy to select one of the answer, but I guess I want my audience to communicate back as well. Seeing how my blog is drowning in comments right now (notice the irony). Have a nice evening and I`ll see you around.