City of lights
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If your life was a box, what would you find in it?

1) her photo
2) a cd
3) a book
4) a sea-shell
5) boxer shorts
6) a computer
7) a poem (long hand)
8) a grey hair
9) a pen
10) an unfinished novel
11) a bicycle glove (right one)
12) a portable mp3 player
13) a borrowed camera (hehe)
14) a videotape with unedited stuff I did for RTVSLO
15) a si.blogs sticker
16) some torn-up sneakers
17) pieces of paper with phone numbers
18) a half-eaten chocolate cookie (or just crumbs)
19) two spoons of vanilla tea
20) a tarot card (ace of hearts)
21) a photo album of all the people I know with little post-its attached to every photo

play: ON!

this is the last photo from my yesterday`s hiking trip. Ljubljana lights. the contract was a little too much and the sky is turning grey but I like it though (It is mine, after all…hehe). Maybe I should do one of those “stitch it!” things, but I did not have a tripod with me and it probably would not work. Will do it again sometimes, I had to photoshop it and I guess I “broke” it a little. Or a lot. You be the judge.