The topic for today is joys of christmas time. And don`t get me wrong, I like it, I really do…what I don`t like is the fact that during this time of year, people turn into…something else. It`s all “hohoho” in the streets but the second you walk into a supermarket or a mall, it`s a

Garden state is good. Really good. I like it. It`s a feel-good movie and damn it! I feel good. I also feel a little hungry and peckish but that`s nothing new. And it`s friday! And I have like tons of work to do. Sort of. I have to buy some stamps, some blank cds…you know…stuff.

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Sky is the limit Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Good morning and welcome to another episode of “What day is today?!!!”. But, unlike every episode this far, today we witness a revolution, as Domen remembers it`s…..(wait for it)…(not yet)….(now! open fire! All weapons!!) FRIDAYYYYYY! (sounds of blaring cannons and screams in the background). *sigh* Sorry,

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