Nothing much to report here, workshop still in progress, there`s a meeting scheduled at four p.m. and I think they`ll be done by then.

Public announcement…Since I bought ten Xmas cards and right now I only have five people on my “hit list” I am offering…the first five who posts its address (or emails it to me) will get a free bonafide xmas card from Ljubljana with creative writtings done by me. Yey. How fucking incredible is that? I dare you!

I added my blog to two more blog directories and I added another blog to my blogroll. I like her. She`s pissed (not sure if that means drunk or angry…or both?). I also sorted the blogs, dividing them to Slovenian and non-Slovenian ones…just to keep things in balance.

Other than that my head feels tired and my eyes burn a little…I just hope to get some sleep in the near future. This getting up at six is slowly but surely killing me softly. I just hope no more assholes calls and asks those stupid questions. Like the lady who wants a FPT access. Sorry. No can do. We only do FTP.

Here…go read something political for a change.