I went to a lecture today at the faculty of law in Ljubljana. It was interesting in many ways. The thing I could not get on the faculty is that everything is card operated. You have lockers…that open with a card. You cannot even go to the library if you don`t have a card. And get this…you can`t even go to the bathroom without a card. Nice. Fun shit really, if you consider that they teach about freedoms and stuff. And another thing…all the guys look the same. It`s creepy. Short-cut hair, round glass-frames…yikes. I bet they show you a photo when you enroll and say “This is how you must look like if you want to study here“. Sheesh.

Anyway, the lecture was interesting, the topic was creative commons and the guy giving the lecture was Eben Moglen. We got it all on tape and this is there the AUDIOT comes in.

AUDIOT is a coined term from the words AUDITION and IDIOT. Audition is a program that enables you to work with audio files and an idiot is me. In this case of course, although some think that`s the general definition of me. Anyway…after the lecture I wanted to get the audio file online as soon as possible. Fact number one…getting the sound from a mini disc is a real-time process. Fact number two…it takes another 10 minutes to convert it from raw audio to mp3. Fact number three…since the lecture was taped in “mono” track, you have to duplicate it to get a “fake” stereo. Another five minutes. And after all the waiting and stuff I click “change frequency”. NEVER EVER CLICK “CHANGE FREQUENCY” AGAIN!!!! I try to undo…guess what. I try to find the original file…guess what. And this was not the first time…hence…audiot. I`m gonna try again tomorrow morning and I just KNOW it will work. Cause the second time always works. No matter what. You`ll see…

I re-wrote and mailed those scripts for the television. Let`s see what happens. The first shooting day is the third of january. I cannot wait to see the crew. Their faces. Haha. All sucked out from NYE parties.

I also send out the rest of the xmas cards today. Maybe a little early but what the hell…the post office will be flooded with mail anyway and it`s better to be early than sorry.

This is the photo of the day. I cannot wait to get a camera myself. I apologize for the absence of photo material recently, but I don`t have the equipment nor the time to do some serious photography. But things are about to change. Christmas only three days away. Yey. When I was a kid and some holiday was coming up (birthday, christmas…) I used to get to bed way too early thinking that tomorrow will come faster. I ended up tossing and turning in bed, actually falling asleep way past my normal sleep hour.

Judging by the poll results, you are all more creative than you are big on spending lot of money for gifts. Fine. Have it your way. I`m surprised Ales did not comment on my poorly formed question (even I noticed that this time) because creativity and costs can intersect. Sometimes, creative is expensive. And sometimes expensive can be creative. And of course…you can get crap for a lot and a little money too. But I won`t rant anymore about presents. What`s done, is done;)

I found Arkalogy album again, browsing through my mp3 disk (still have to run a major back-up operation and I just don`t know when to do it…sigh…next year probably) and I am listening to some reggae. It`s just occured to me that it`s almost january and there`s no snow to be seen. Not that these two sentences have any in common, reggae and snow but this is how my mind works. Take it or leave it. Erm…no…wait..that sounded wrong. Leave me my mind. Please. It`s small as it is…

And for today`s rant, I wanna analyse one of the comments that was given at the lecture. The title of the lecture was “FREEING THE MIND: FREE SOFTWARE AND THE DEATH OF PROPRIETARY CULTURE” and the guy approached the subject with a sociology/law angle. I`ll post the link to audio tomorrow, but right now I want to focus on a comment given by someone in the audience. He said something like “You say that everything should be free and acessible, that everybody should get everything…well…I think that is not such a good idea. Cause, for example, when I surf at www.poetry.com (good site, you should check it out), there is so much information (poems) that after a while, my head starts to hurt…And so I prefer buying a book of poetry…“. Ahem. The guy has a point but at the same time, he`s as stupid as a bat. Information overflow, right? Agenda setting and stuff. What bothers me is that nobody is forcing him to do anything. I mean, he chooses to go to that site, clicks and acts out of his own free will and then, when he causes pain to himself, he leaves and chooses to pay for the things he could get for free. Freeing the mind? Definitely the biggest issue. How do you set your own limits? How do you tell yourself what to do? How do you accept the fact that no one but yourself can and will set your own path? The guy is practially saying, “This is too much freedom…please, chain me!“. Funny thing that of all things, he chose to make his example on the subject of poetry, which is the area which has the highest “ingredient” of freedom. I mean, poems come from within. Unless you`re some Britney Spears, bent on money and do not care about the truth behind the lyrics, poetry is the best way to express yourself and nobody can tell you that you are “wrong”. My guess is the guy with the comment was a student of Law. I am not judgemental (yes I am) but I just think that no other student would make such a comment. I mean, he was actually aware of the problem. He knew the choices are causing him pain and he deliberately limited himself. In a stupid way. I mean, he could`ve say to himself, “Ten poems a day” and that would be it. But no…he choose…the other way. “I want OTHERS to tell me how much poems can I read in a day“. Sheesh.

New poll is up, I will cross-reference it with the question “How many cards did you get?” after this holiday thing blows over. Keep in touch.