Blogs are the way we see the world. They are personal, tiny universes, which enable us to share our views with others. They represent another step closer to the ideal of the participative democracy, since anybody can make it, anybody can read it and anybody can comment on it. However, the democracy has a down-side as well. Freedom of speech does not mean you can say/do anything and get away with it. To every action, there is a reaction.

Meet Ellen. She was a stewardess for an airline company when she got fired cause of her blog. Well, not cause of her blog, but cause of the pictures and pictures she posted on her blog. Since the “incident” she turned into this crusader, claiming that “she will not be silenced” and that we should all “fight for our rights“. What rights is she talking about exactly?

Simple issue? In my opinion…not.

The question is simple. Should people be free to publish anything they want on their blogs…and get away with it? If not…where do you draw the line?

I am always amazed at the things people publish on their blogs. I don`t think they should be “ashamed” or that they should censor themselves, I just…I don`t understand why do people take blogging as an “easy” thing. “Ah, it`s ok…I blogged about it..what could happen?“. It all boils down to the “nature” of the internet. People just don`t take it seriously. I had a professor on the faculty who claimed that “if it`s posted on the internet…it cannot be true!” Excuse me? Why do people perceive the internet as something “out of this world”? Why do they perceive it as a joke?

Notice her comment. Asking the people which image hurts the company more. I don`t understand her point. Taking picture of yourself while doing something you are not suppose to be doing AT WORK or writing in your biography that you enjoy watching porn are clearly not the same thing. I am not saying the photos are porn material, still, they are something that the stevardes is not required to do. And if the company finds out about it…well…don`t be surprised if they react. I mean…what did she they are going to do? Say “Good job Ellen…we wanna sign a calendar deal with you?“.

This thing can only happen in the dumb-fuck states of America. And as much as I like crusaders and outlaws, I think I`ll side with the company this time. She was doing something she was not suppose to be doing. She got caught. The consequences follow. Simple as that.

I don`t like the way the media and her spinned the thing like the blog are the source of all evil. They are not. That was not the issue here. The company clearly stated that she was fired cause of the inappropriate pictures, not her blog. This bullshit about “unofficial” and “official” reason clearly shows that she has no clue what she`s talking about. She`s not a crusader. This is not a free speech issue. This is just…stupid.