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Word game for the day. In Slovene, beauty means “lepota”. Blindness means “s-lepota”. Coincidence:)?

Got back. It was not even an x-ray. They pinged my muscles with some sonar. All good. Tumor threat excluded. My bet is on my back. And spine. We`ll see.

Ripping those lectures again. Hope it`s for the last time. The timestamp in Audition is a bit screwy so I have to check up on it every so often. But it`ll be done today. Whoo-hoo.

Let me get back to the miss world contest. The scaries sentence they utter is “If I`m elected, I`ll blah blah blah…”. Funny, huh? Notice the IF? Sounds like “…and if i am not..you can all rot in hell. Fuck those dying kids and opressed women. I`m going home!”.
I just don`t know why do you have to be crowned miss world to help? I mean, it`s an annual event and nobody remembers you in three months anyway. And what`s with the crying on stage? Jesus christ. How old are you, you fucking b***h? Seven??? And then the speech…god. Don`t even get me started on speech.

Had a close encounter with a miss once. Take a look at this, this and this. Of course, she was miss of Yugoslavia, 30+ years ago. This lady is Manca Kosir, a professor at the faculty of social science in Ljubljana. Journalist. She also has a degree in mathematics and physics. And she is as crazy as a bat. Her problem is that even at the age of 50+, she wants to be 20+. And that`s just…wrong. She stripped for one of slovene movies (no picture). Anyway, if we deduct from her example, we can see that girls who win the title usually end up as some ego-maniacs, feeling they`ll die if they don`t appear in public, no matter how stupid the occasion. As long as they are seen, it`s all good. And that…is not good at all.

I wanted to wait long enough to catch that drop of water in mid-air, but I guess it was not meant to be. I photoshopped it a little, cutting the edges mostly. Have another one with sofware zoom but it`s no good. This one is better.