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Good morning!

Ah yes, the weekend is over and I am missing it. It`s so weird cause usually I cannot wait for it to end, waiting for a new week to start, but this one was so good I would not mind if it lasted a few days more. But I guess you cannot beat physics and here we are, slowing moving towards another end of the week (hah! An optimist! Not even noon on monday and I am already thinking about weekend!).

I finally posted those lectures online, hoping people will listen to them. The quality is not all that great and maybe I should edit them but we`ll go with the “unedit and uncut” version.

I tweaked my blog some more, adding photoblogs. I was flipping through “best newcomers” section, no point of listing the top ten. My “top man” right now is []. Sucker for the lights I guess. I think that this is as tweaky as this blog gets. In the future, I`ll just add/remove things from my categories, but I think I am done with the new stuff. This blog is hanging onto the right as it is.

Speaking of lights, another photo from yesterday. This one featuring a smaller bridge across Ljubljanica. I was standing on this one and aiming downstream. You have (I think) five main bridges over the Ljubljanica and these are two of them. Maybe I`ll do a whole series called “Bridges of Ljubljana county” (and hope Clint does not sue my ass off).

If anyone wants any of these photos, you can email me and I can send you the “real” thing. These photos are shot at 1600*1200 and then resized to 800*600 cause of the space savings. I have the originals on my local disk so if you want them…just drop a mail.

What else? Well, I`ve been thinking of getting a wooden box. With a lock. Romance. I just hope it`s not too expensive cause then I`ll have to make it myself. My poor writer/photographer fingers. I can just see myself hitting them with a hammer. Would make a nice photo though. With a red/purple filter to enhance the contrast.

Nobody won on the national lottery yesterday. Which means that 2,125,000 euros is moving into the next week draw. I don`t play. Lot of people do (apparently).

Hope your week starts OK and ends even better.