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Ah yes, this is turning into a regular day. I mean, regular for most people, most irregular for me. I was home at six. Mein Gott! Where is the world coming too? The end is near (well, at least the end of this year)!

Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be more exciting, I had enough rest for a whole week thank you very much. Caught up on my movies-i-want-to-see list.

However, there is always one that you did not want to see. Or, you thought you did want to see it but when you actually saw it, you regret your previous decision. That movie for me today was Paparazzi. Do not touch this movie! I mean, even if you have way too much time or/and bandwidth like I do, you are better off leeching something other than this. Anything. Please. OK, let me justify my case. First of all, the movie depicts paparazzis like hunters with guns. Literally. Like these pirates who cruise around, doing stupid things. No life, using their cameras as an extension for their dicks. I am sorry Mel, but…just cause you have a problem with a guy following you around does not mean the whole world must know. I mean, the only thing this movie is good for is to see how movies ARE NOT being made. And I feel sorry for Tom Sizemore. This is one movie he did not need to be in.

Other than that, nothing special as I said a million times today. I flipped a couple of pages for my exam, nothing too serious, just to get a second feel I guess. I`m gonna burn the book when I pass. A solemn promise. And I`m gonna take pictures of it. Burn, baby! Burn!!!

Nightwish to end my day. Opera metal is good. Just realised that I (again) ran of photo material so I just might go out hunting again tomorrow. I have the target all lined up, I just need a gun. And I know where to get it. Martiiiiiiiiiiiiin! 😉

This next to last photo is Ljubljana at night. I did not take it myself, as you can see (hehe). I like the way it hides the buildings itself and just shows the outlines. And if you look really hard, squint your eye and sort of turn your head, you can see the castle in the back. That blue thingy with the little white thingies? Yes. That be the castle. I think. Hehe.