Can someone tell me what planet I am on? Cause…this is not Earth. This is not Earth, not even by a long shot. Not even if you bend your head and squint your eye…it`s still a long way from Earth.

I took a walk through the city on my way home. And I just…what do they think they`re doing? Streets are full of people, music is booming and you can hear that stupid DJ voice (I swear they drink when they do it) “Come take your picture with Santa Clause”. Ahem…excuse me? Reality check, hello?? We are not even in the second half of the month and already Santa is here? What the fuck? Is he going back and then coming back again on the 25th or is he gonna roll under a car and sleep it off? And then they wonder why children stopped believing in Santa. Ummm…here`s a wild guess…


They turned a fairy tale into this…mechanized, robotized freak-show where anybody can see the strings. I mean, even the christmas movies are not what they used to be. Now it`s all cynical, dark humour…like everybody knows the stuff is not real and they are just showing the obvious. Which in a way…is true. And sad. Cause in this world, we need a fairy tale. We need good fairy tales. Tales that work. What we do not need is another crazed capitalistic fatso, who is so bent on getting the money and selling things that he does not care if his mask is cracking and his real face is showing. And the worms are falling on his red coat. Ho-ho-ho, my ass.

I just don`t understand. I mean…I do. But I don`t.

I have a workshop tomorrow morning at nine. Should be fun. They were very descriptive in their requests. “We want a couple of access points“. A couple? Two? More than two? But that`s more than a couple, right? “The workshop starts at nine“. So when will you be there? Eight? Seven? Six?! “If I think of anything else, I`ll call“. The mother of all stupidity. Did these guys ever heard of planning? Thinking ahead? This last phrase shows extreme amateurism. I hate it. I can`t wait to see what`s gonna happen tomorrow. Think fireballs.

Nine o`clock. What a bastard of an hour. May I interest you in betting on the amount of time that shall pass from the moment they are suppose to arrive to the actual arrival? Place yer bets. Now.