Starejši gospod drugemu starejšemu gospodu pred lekarno: “Lahko mu bodo dali tudi kardinalski klobuk, zakaj pa ne!” — An older gentleman to his friend in front of the pharmacy: “They can give him a cardinal hat, why not?“

Sadly to report that “Meni se zdi” is no more. Many reasons contributed to its deletion, among others the speed of Blogger which is appaling lately, the fact that nobody was reading that anyway and that it was an out-sourced site. As a substitute I will post similar stuff here, so that three people that

These are the wishes… Baya 1. Fish at your work 2. A duckie (which one you decide 😉 ) 3. Ice cube or ice cream on an unusual surface Maqmigh 1. An ex-puddle 2. The absence of a tree 3. A hole so deep you cannot see what`s at the bottom Beebee 1. A see-through

Monday, bloody monday.

04.04.2005  •  Osebno2

Ah well. At least it`s sunny and I am meeting Baya in two hours. The weekend was ok, I got a good dose of sleep and right now I am glancing through the window while Calexico are singing about being or going “Across the wire”. It`s so funny how some days this work feels like

It was basically an extended birthday celebration. Tough times when a certain person turns fifty and then has to celebrate inside and out. Of course, every excuse is good to visit the seaside and these are some of the impressions from the trip.


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02.04.2005  •  Osebno0

Nova revija (the new magazine), one of the more respected slovene magazines and lately one of the leading slovene publishing houses made a contest for the most beautiful slovene word. The results declared the word MIDVA (us) as the most beautiful word, runner-up was the word HREPENENJE (yearning) and third place belonged to the word

— Title is in no connection with the following text. I just felt like typing those three words… — So, we move yet into another month, the summer is getting closer and closer (*wink*wink*, Novala) and this good feeling just won`t go away. Not that I want that, it`s just so funny. But then again,