Month: April 2005

weird, weirder, the weirdest.

Since BeeBee complains about weird query words that make people visit her blog, here are mine. From five to one… 5. libra cool facts 4. cock hunter 3. big red cock 2. aunt spanks and the winner 1. facts of german dance

What an internetless world…

So funny when it happens. The connection goes down. And being in a company that works mostly by means of the internet, it means that you have to do something else. In this case, it meant cleaning the fish-tank, running around, gopher style, and doing stuff like listening to people […]

Katsumi, catch!

Pie ala Marie (don`t laugh, this is the official title) Ingredients: 2 cups of flour + 1 baking powder bag 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of oil 1 cup of milk 2-3 eggs (I usually use three) 1 kg of apples (peel them, cut them and then grate them) […]

Pope or dope #2 – fixed

Sheesh. Why the hell do we need that? A street named after a pope? I mean seriously, what did he ever do for us? For Slovenia? The Vatican was against our independency, is still against abortion and safe sex and we are giving them a whole street? Sheesh. Stupidity should […]

oh for fucks sake…

Michael Jackson supposedly abused Macaulay Culkin. Ahem. So that`s what he`s been doing all this time. In the words of Robin Williams “In Neverland, there`s a sign that says – you must be this high to ride Michael.” WHO THE FUCK CARES???? I am sick and tired of media pushing […]


— The title of this post is in no way related with the body text. Right now only two persons know what that is all about and I bet the other one will smile as soon as she reads it. — It seems that lately I am using my home […]

Previously on “The L-files”…

We survived! At least I did, and the rest of the bunch is looking OK too. I am of course talking about my famous cooking attempt (Katsumi, the recipe will be available on blog as soon as I come home). The images speak louder than words, so feel free to […]