Moment in time
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

This is one of those “speed in the night” type of photos only this time it`s pool. It`s pure luck, you just have to squeeze the trigger and hope for the best. Unless you know something I don`t (probably true since I am not the brightest peeble on the beach). Usually, I fire off too late and I got a bunch of shots with nothing but an empty table. This one worked though, I only wish more balls would scatter so that you`d get more lines swishing out of the center. You cannot win them all they say. Not in first try, at least.

Watched two movies actually, finished Thelma and Louise and saw Reservoir dogs in one take. Ever saw that one? IMHO Reservoir dogs is way better than Pulp fiction (both from Tarantino) but nobody knows it. Go see it, if you have a chance. DVD/divx is out there. You got great cast, great acting and great camera. Really, I saw it before Pulp fiction and in my opinion Reservoir dogs take the cake. Pulp fiction sucks. IMHO.

Work day tomorrow. And with this sucky weather it`s gonna be a drag. Hopefully something interesting will happen. If nothing else, mondays are always fun cause our help line is open then (not that it means much, we had people calling us at nine o`clock in the evening urging us to check their mailing list cause 400 people unsubscribed in the same second…smooth. Wonder why I even picked up the phone…).

All in all, we survived the first batch of holidays, christmas and all and now we are a week away from new year`s eve. No plans yet, I`ll probably take a walk and some photos and then stay at home. Judging from the amount of firepower the people around our house have been displaying for the past week, it won`t be safe to roam the streets too much. Combined with cold, drunk crowds and nowhere to run to…it`s not much fun.

Almost finished “Life of Pi”, hoping to do it tonight before I turn in cause it`s really good. Feel-good story.

G-mail invites are still open. Anyone who is interested…just drop a mail.

I feel sleepy. Have a good start of the week and keep in mind that it`s the last one this year so…make it count. Onwards! To glory!