Past to the future
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

The faculty of social science in Ljubljana signed a pact with the big media houses in order to establish a cooperation between the studens and the people who are already working in the media business. You can read the whole thing here (slovene only), what I want to comment on is the fact that people who are working in this bussines in most cases, don`t know shit about journalism. I mean, those who do know something are already here. Teaching. What they`re gonna do is attract more people who have no “professional” journalistic education. Cause journalism is mostly a thing you “do”, not “teach”. And now you`ll get a bunch of “workers” trying to be “teachers”. In the words of a fictional character: “I have a bad feeling about this…”. Cause the last time we had a “professional journalist” trying to teach us the ropes, he graded my paper with a comment “Wonderful stuff, but I don`t get it at all”. Nice, huh?

Photo depicts the Castle and the Nova Ljubljanska Banka (The new bank of Ljubljana) tower. I like it. Mixes the old with the new. Past with the future.