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The whole world focuses on the earthquake, tsunamis and the aftermath of it all. We could say that the area was lucky. Imagine no european/american tourists would be there at the time of the accident. One can only speculate if the disaster would get as much coverage as is it getting now. My bet…not in a million years.

I find it repulsive. In the world and time of complete media coverage, of hi-tech equipment that enables us to cover all of our globe, we stil choose to turn our backs on somethings and focus on the others. Why? Just cause the swedes and germans are in there as well?

And can anyone tell me why this is getting so much coverage? I don`t mean to say that we should cover our eyes and look away completely, but I just don`t get the idea of focusing strictly on some natural disaster (which by the way, could be prevented).
And again, nobody is seeing the big picture. Why did it happen? What caused it? Nobody is looking at the cause…everybody is just seeing the effect. Will the USA respect the Kyoto agreement more cause of this? Of course not. Will the people be more aware of the environment and the damage that we are doing to it? Of course not. Will we learn anything at all from this? Of course not. Why should we? It did not happen to us. And look how fast we forgot the other tragedies. Madrid, Beslan, Iraq… is anybody paying attention to them? Follow-ups? Of course not. Why should we? We got a fucking tsunami on our hands.

AIDS, Ebola, hunger…anyone? Where are those media coverages? Where are the titles that scream “Millions die cause of hunger every year!” or “AIDS kills off entire countries!” or something similar. Is it happening too slow? I know! No swedes are involved. That`s gotta be it! I bet that if one swede would die in Africa cause of AIDS we`d have it all. The media, the people …everybody would want to help. But since there`s just brown people, uneducated fools, nobody cares. Nobody bothers. Of course not.

In other news… the current photo requests are almost completed, I just have to wait for a sundown and take faces-photos of the people who`ll come in today. B/W of course.

Like the chocolate? I made the photo yesterday, one of those “it`s all about details” thingies. Turned out pretty good I think.