Aerial photography
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

I went to the castle tower and this is the (a part of the) view from it.
The mountains in the background are the Julian Alps which have one of the highest mountain tops in Slovenia, the highest being mt. Triglav (2864 m). Or I could be wrong and those mountains could be the Kamni??ko-Savinjske alps. I`ll wait until someone corrects me but for now, let`s call them the Julian Alps.

RECENT UPDATE – I stand corrected. They are in fact Kamni??ko-Savinjske alpe. The only difference being they are a little lower than the Julian Alps.

The “blog thing” is coming together nicely. The only thing that bothers me is that they gave me a standard three minutes for the whole piece. Which means I have to dumb it down hard enough to still tell the basics and on the other hand to not just talk crap for three minutes. It`s just that it`s such a good and wide subject that we could dedicate the whole show (which lasts 30 minutes and airs once a month) to blogs and bloggers. But on the bright side I got a blogger who is willing to talk (not like my blogging mistress who told me that “she is NOT the one that I`m looking for”…hehe) plus an “expert” who will explain the basics concerning the blogosphere and the “wide” stuff. So basically, I got the thing covered unless they both chicken out. Then…I be fucked. Onto post no. 3.