Month: April 2005

One of those “you had to be there moments” explained

No, I was not mugged. Nothing like that. I am sorry if I sounded too much of a drama queen in my previous post. It`s just… I don`t understand why my parents are all of the sudden feeling oh-so protective of me. Right now their attitude can be summoned up […]

CC uber alle!

So it begins. The Creative commons of Slovenia is under-way and I am a part of it. Which basically means that I am stuck with translating the rules and the law-book of it into our mother tongue and doing that in the next two weeks. Fun stuff really. I wonder […]

One of those “you had to be there” moments…

I don`t know what to make of all this. I really don`t. I always assume too much and right now I am trying my best not to let my imagination run amok. Things that could have been… It`s like when you are in a car accident and it turns out […]

my dear ladies…

or whoever seeks for “naked soldiers with 15” cocks“, here`s a little tip. NOBODY ON THIS FUCKING PLANET OWNS A 37.5 CM COCK. It`s a biological imposibility. We are not elephants or whales. The normal/average size is around 3 to 5 inches. NOT, I repeat NOT 15!!! Jesus, if you […]

Technically, that`s a little hard to do…

Fredy Miler: “Kdor ne mara moje glasbe, se lahko obrne za 360 stopinj in gre stran!!!” — Fredy Miler:”Those who don`t like my music can turn themselves around for 360 degrees and walk away!!!“


…is usually good or bad (no shit, sherlock!). This time it`s mildly bad. Why? I turned on the speakers and was awaken instantly by the wonderful music of…static. Annoying static. I won`t record it but think in terms of “brrrrrrrrrrrrr” (ad infinitum) and you are close. The next sensible thing […]