Drugs on Olympic Games

21.02.2006  •  Osebno8

Happens ever year. And even if they do not find anything, you can pretty much assume someone is doing something illegal. These drug scandals do not surprise me, because the pressure on the athletes is tougher than before. Sponsors, the media… it all adds up. I am not taking sides with them. I think drugging

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When I come back…

20.02.2006  •  Osebno2

I want five-album suggestions from you people! And…go!

Get out!

19.02.2006  •  Osebno0

Night at the Opera

18.02.2006  •  Osebno2

Another cultural cherry popped. This time we went to see the opera from Gusieppe Verdi, Trubadur. First a small trivia fact – I cannot find a single website that links Verdi with Trubadur. The Trubadur opera is not listed in Verdi`s shall we say discography. Does anybody has an explanation? First time at the opera

Drugi dom wrote an article about how blogs are nothing special and are just one of the (over)hyped things that circle the globe recently. He basically stuck blogs next to avian flu, ipod and Katie Holmes baby. Jaka then wrote a follow-up, labeling me as a person who thinks that blogs are changing the world.

Recently I`ve been in contact with a lot of funny men. And women. Not a direct contact mind you, but through audio-visual channels. This is a review of all those contacts. Contact one – Stephen Lynch: Discography + Live from El Ray I first ran into Stephen by chance. “What if that guy from Smashing

Avian flu?

17.02.2006  •  Osebno0

Nothing a plate of chicken soup would not cure!

There is a reoccuring phenomenon happening in the mass media recently. The media is constanly rewritting the word Miss (as in Miss Universe, Miss of Slovenia…), spelling it with a single S. I ask you – Are they out of their fucking minds?? and I answer… Miss comes from the word mistress, indicating a young