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1. You open the DVD box. 2. You take the DVD out. 3. You stick the DVD in a DVD player. 4. You watch a DVD. 5. You take the DVD out of the DVD player. 6. You put the DVD back in the box. Now tell me this… Where in this 6-steps process do

The article about blogs (slovene only) was printed in saturday`s Dnevnik.

We at [booming voice] THE L FILES [/booming voice] do not recognize 14th of February to be anything else but an ordinary day.

Technological development stuns me from time to time. Well not really. Replacement tissue grown on mice, printed tissue (you all watched The Fifth Element), gene therapy, nano-robots fixing damaged cells. It’s all becoming a reality. Ray Kurzweil says that technological development will eventually bring us immortality. Typical lifespan of a human being will take a

King Kong (2005)

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All image, no content.


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American beauty 2.0 or American beauty goes to Iraq. The desert storm was suppose to be big, loud and messy. But for marine Anthony Swofford, Iraq is nothing more than waiting for Godot. Driving around the desert, patrolling the no man`s land, hydrating, dehydrating, masturbating and waiting for something to happen. Jarhead feels like the

No, do not worry, I am not talking about kids. What I am talking about is another one of those bloggers you keep hearing about. He signed a contract with [booming voice] THE L FILES [/booming voice] and since he managed to piss me off with his cultural remarks, I think he`ll do just fine.

Rocket boom VS. Mobuzz

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I first heard of Rocket Boom when I was preparing the lecture about blogging for the RTV. I did not know anything about it, just that it suppose to be this great famous video blog. Fine, I thought, as video blogs were of no interest to me at the time, which was more due to

Main Entry: INTERNAUT Part of Speech: noun Definition: any person well-trained in navigating and using the Internet Etymology: Inter(net) + (astro)naut Usage: computing slang (saw on Cybervote, explained at Dictionary)

The job

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If you are getting your internet fix through the ISP there is a big chance I packed your bill this month. You see, unlike SiOL which has a machine to do the packing, Volja does it manually. Which is still better than Ljudmila, where I had to hand-write the bills, but still presents quite